Wine on Ubuntu 8.04

Since the RAM-swapping between my Xubuntu & Ubuntu desktop, I’m no longer could use the Windows virtual machine on top of VirtualBox on the Ubuntu desktop. It couldn’t met the minimum memory requirement. This posed a problem, since I usually run ThunderbirdPortable on that virtual machine. How could I read my e-mail and feed now?

Then I remembered Wine, an emulator (though the developers said that WINE Is Not Emulator) to run Windows executable (program) on non-Windows system. My previous attempt to install Wine package taken from Ubuntu repository a year ago ended with failure. It couldn’t launch any Windows application I needed, because of who-knows-why. But since it’s already been a whole year, I thought that there’s must’ve been some improvements applied on the package, and it might worth trying to install Wine for the second time.

I downloaded wine and binmft-support, and installed them immediately. It was a relief when I find out that Wine actually worked. ThunderbirdPortable launched just fine. Sure, there’s some font hiccup (they’re a bit bigger compared to when Thunderbird Portable launched on Windows), but that’s minor.

Here’s the obligatory screenshot.

ThunderbirPortable using Wine to run on Ubuntu

ThunderbirPortable using Wine to run on Ubuntu

Removing VirtualBox? Nahhh, it can still run the lightweight LinuxPuppy without problem. But I will get rid the Windows virtual disk image, eventually. That’ll surely give me a whopping 4GB free disk space.

Hmm, how long has it been since the last time I wrote article for this blog in English? :mrgreen: