A helpless Linuxer

A single post on Plurk. Overwhelming responses. Terminal commands tossed around. Full fun LMAO session.

This is what started it all
$ sudo chown -R you ./my_heart

What’s this command do? Basically, it will change the ownership of “./my_heart” directory and every files under it, to it’s new owner, “you”( We need the sudo command because somehow only root can messed with this directory).

In other words, it’s just a Linuxer way to say “Hatiku adalah milikmu:mrgreen:

Disclaimer: the above command might not work at all. After all, as Wira said

cinta itu tidak bisa dinyatakan dengan perintah cli atau shell scripting kawand…cinta itu hanya bisa dicurahkan dari hati ke hati..


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