This is Fedoraaaa

I finally got some spare time to install Fedora 11, codename “Leonidas” (hence, the “300” joke on this post title).

The installation process take quite some time, since I’m not familiar with Fedora. Actually, this is the first time I touch Red Hat-based distro (openSUSE isn’t based on Red Hat, right?).

The installation itself wasn’t any harder than Ubuntu. But it’s longer, because I decided to install every offered packages. See, unlike Ubuntu which installed only minimal system, Fedora got real installer that let you choose to install additional packages. I added KDE, server app, development app, etc; basically everything that I might not use (installed them because “I can”, not because “I need”) . And installing 1684 packages obviously would take some time.


Yeah, that's the town where I lived now

Haven’t got spare time to fiddling with Fedora though.