To the unknown girl

We didn’t know each other, only passing by on the walk of life
But do you know, how I’d always impatiently waiting for that moment?
When you walked by, with that warm smile on your face?

On the glimpse of that smile, my spirit feel invigorated in an instant
I also smiled, and would thought “Ah, this would be a joyous day”
How couldn’t that be a miracle?
To create happiness, isn’t that the work of magic
that would touch to the deepest place in heart?

But then one day, I didn’t see you
The day after, I didn’t see you either
Also on the other day after, never I saw you again

I felt down
But then I saw people smiling more
And so I thought “Ah, she must have gone to give smiles to people.
They need her more than me, as this world used to be gloomy”

And I feel satisfied, knowing that I’ll see your smile everywhere


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