Folder, folder, dimanakah engkau?

I encountered some weird problem a couple days ago.

A colleague copied several important files on a folder to my flashdrive. I know the file transfer went well because I saw those files and their content. All that process are on a Windows client.

Now this is where things got weird. When I open the content of my flashdrive at home, on a Ubuntu client, that folder disappeared. Only that single folder. Other folders and files were still there, left intact. I’m baffled. How come that folder just went missing? If it were a work of virus/worm, there should be traces of virus/worm, yet there is none. Maybe the folder was hidden? But I’m using Ubuntu. There’s no way you can hide any files or folders, provided that you’re granted the permission (and know the correct command, ls -a).

I can’t think any logical reasons that could explain this situation.

In the end, I have to copy those files again. And this time, the folder is still there. Thank God.

(Backup, fast…)


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