In United we trust

Last night Manchester United win against Arsenal on the second leg of 2009 Europe Champions League semifinal at Emirates Stadium, and the final score is 3-1 (4-1 aggregate) for MU. United will play on ECL final match at Rome against either Barca or Chelsea. In United we trust, of course, but I bet no one dared to dream that United would take a 2-0 lead on the first half. It surely crushed Arenal player’s spirit.

One of my favourite player, Park Ji-Sung, gave an amazing performance on that match. He scored the crucial opening goal, and contributed to third goal (an effective counter attack by Park, Rooney and Ronaldo). Too bad Fletcher had to be sent off. He played a major role on the midfield, and it’s such a shame he couldn’t play on the final match. I was anxious when Bendtner successfully executed the penalty, as it might boost Gunners morals, but in the end, United managed to keep them at bay.

And now, suddenly a quadruple seems like realistic goal 😀 . United already got World Club Championship and Carling, and they’re also at the top of domestic league. Let’s hope for the best.

In United we trust.

PS : Saw an “In Arsene we trust” At arsenal fan’s section. Well, they should have invested them at people who needs it more instead. Like Gibbs for example. Maybe then he won’t make such a silly blunder.


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