Slackware 12.2, first contact

Well, I already put Slackware 12.2 on my primary box. Originally, I wanted to install it on the secondary computer, a less powerful one, but there’s barely enough room on the harddisk. The best I could squeeze from it is 8GB free space. So just to be safe, I installed Slackware on my Ubuntu box. After partition resizing with GParted, I get about 30GB free space on primary harddisk, which about 17GB made into ext3 partition for Slack.

Slackware 12.2 still using text-based installation interface. Different from what I’ve expected, it was quite easy. Maybe that’s because I just followed the default choice. The installation takes quite a while, about as lengthy as Windows XP installation.

There’s some issues with Slackware on my machine. First, there’s shutdown problem, just like Ubuntu used to. Second, the mouse scroll didn’t work at all. Third, there’s no desktop effect (okay, that’s not a big deal). Fourth, I can’t use XFCE, although that KDE, Blackbox and other desktop environment working just fine. There’s solution for them at Slackware-id wiki, but I haven’t tried them yet.

Well, better get used to KDE 3.5 interface. It packs a huge amount of nice applications (though with lame names 😀 K-something ? Come on). Amarok is superb and Konqueror comes with tabbing, which is quite nifty (Nautilus have tabs too, but only on GNOME 2.26 and newer). There’s also selection of development application. Perfect, since I’m intending to use Slack for “aimless tinkering” 😀 .

Err, does using Slack makes me no longer “human being” ?

Bad jokes, sorry …


3 thoughts on “Slackware 12.2, first contact

  1. salam kenal…

    bos, slackware ini bagus buat komp. lama ya?
    soalnya saya ada komp. pentium 4 awal, yang mau saya pake lagi.
    atau distro apa ya yg paling cocok? yah buat ngetik2 sama ngenet aja sih…
    maklum anak baru di dunia linux 🙂

    thanks a lot

    • Saya install ini di Pentium 4, RAM 512MB, mulus saja, tapi matiinnya yang susah 😀

      Kalau baru dengan Linux, saya sarankan pakai Ubuntu atau Blankon

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