Kicked out by openSUSE

Somehow or another, I managed to get locked out of my openSUSE 11.1 admin account. Whenever I try to login into that account, it freeze so I have to manually reboot the computer. The other account (a regular one) is fine though, so I’m sure there’s a way to fix this problem by utilizing gnome-terminal from that “regular user” account.

But it’s too much hassle. Besides, I rarely use openSUSE. Most of the time I run Ubuntu, and WindowsXP on few occasions.

Maybe I should just erase openSUSE and replace it with PuppyLinux. But the partition is way too big for Puppy. That’d just make waste of harddisk space, and I already have Puppy LiveUSB on a 128MB flashdrive. Installing OpenSolaris? The installation CD has been laying in dust for a while now, so I think maybe it’s about time to actually use it. (No worries, the envelope is still sealed tightly)

Or maybe I’ll take the daredevil path : Trying to install Mac OS X 😈


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