An operating system inside of an operating system

In other words, virtualization!

I was skeptical that our kinda-low-spec computer could handle virtualization. With just 512MB RAM, I couldn’t imagine she can handles two OS simultaneously. But despite the hardware limitation, I still determined to test her limit.

I downloaded the VirtualBox .deb package. It was the Sun‘s binary version, not the OSE one. After installing it, it’s time to find a guinea pig. The choice fell on a Windows XP installation CD, which I kinda regret. We all know how long it takes to install Windows XP. And it’s virtual disk file takes 4GB of /home space (it’s the biggest file on the entire filesystem). I should’ve choose a GNU/Linux iso file; it won’t take that much room, and surely it would boot fast.

Well, the choice is made. But there’s some incentive too. If the virtualization worked, it would confirm that I can play Windows games while still in Linux environment.

After an hour, the Windows XP installation completed. I keep asking myself ”Will it works?”. And you know what? IT WORKS.

Status : Loading…
Media Player Classic
Media Player Classic

After that it was a virtualization craze. I loaded all GNU/Linux iso file I got into the VirtualBox. And they all works. Truly awesome.

There’s some issues with Windows XP virtual machine, though. I still can’t figure out how to access USB drive and setup printer from the virtual machine. Well, I’d better asks Google.


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