Why it didn’t occur to me sooner?

I finally solved the black screen problem on Intrepid. Like I write in my previous post, I couldn’t login into Intrepid. The problem apparently lies on compiz; Ubuntu automatically activate it on default setting, but the graphic chip (8 MB shared memory) didn’t have enough power to handle it. (Strangely, compiz on Feisty and Hardy runs without problem)

Now that I knew the culprit, I could fix it easily. Instead of GUI, I logged in into console (Ctrl + Alt + Fn). I removed compiz-core package with apt-get.

sudo apt-get remove compiz-core

That command removed compiz-core along with another five package (compiz dependencies?). Logged out, switch back to GUI (Ctrl + Alt + F7), and logged in. And voila, the GNOME desktop presents itself to me.

"Customized" Intrepid Ibex desktop

Without compiz, I can’t enjoy desktop effects. But it’s not like I need it anyway. Besides, with just 8 MB allocated for VGA, activating desktop effects is likely will make the computer run like snail.

Note to self : Next time, try sudo displaycomfig-gtk


2 thoughts on “Why it didn’t occur to me sooner?

  1. Since my first contact with Ubuntu, I never activated compiz, so losing all those eye-candy stuff it’s not really a big deal

    I would like to try opengeu, but downloading the iso file from internet cafe is too bothersome, takes a long time, and would hurt my wallet 😉

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