Stupid yet best

I made this entry to respond to “Stupidest distro ever” I’ve read on wordpress quite a while ago. (I forgot the url, though)

The author of that entry said that Ubuntu is a stupid thing. A Linux distribution that don’t have gcc (he forget to also mention the header files) so that you can’t compile source code is deserved to doomed in hell. In short, Slackware is better by landslide.

While I do agree that Linux distro not having gcc is a bit silly, I think Canonical do a good job on deciding what packages to put and not to put in Ubuntu default app (you could get the gcc package and it’s library from Ubuntu repositories, though). They only cram few selected packages in the installation CD, enough so that average user will get a full-functioning desktop environment. As long they can use office suite, browse the internet, or simply listening to music CD, they would care less about all the stuff behind the GUI.

And it’s not a wrong thing. Sure, a true geeks will itching to get his hands on all that command-line. But the biggest portion of computer users aren’t geeks. The majority are your average user, that only want to get the job done regardless of the OS. Canonical aware of this, and aiming for this market niche.

Slackware might be the oldest distro ever known. But fanboyism alone don’t make it the best distro. The best Linux distro is the one that fit it’s user needs. Hence : different user, different “best” distribution.

By the way, I never use the console, never use vi, never use perl. I only use the GUI environment, and only use the terminal on several occasions. So what ? Going to file a $ 200,00 lawsuit on me because I’m not “a true Linux user” ?


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