Do you really want us to come ?

adj. pursuing one’s own interests before those of others.

When I was looking for blog entry on wordpress with “Bangka” tag a couple days ago, I stumble upon jsofian blog. In one of his entries, he wrote about his opinion on “Visit Bangka Archi” visionary.

I went looking it by myself. To my disbelief, for a tourism program this “Visit Bangka Archi” aren’t very appealing. Just look at it’s visionary

“Mewujudkan pemerintah daerah yang adil, makmur, yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah blah……”

If I were a tourist (either local or foreign), the first thing that pop up in mind is “What. The. F*** !?”. All that politician talk surely look good if delivered as a speech in front of regional house of representatives, but not for an ordinary tourist. What they want to know is where and how they can spend some good time. And at this moment, there’s no means to find that very information (Bangka Belitung tourism site, what a joke). Gosh, it’s as if the government didn’t even care with tourism to begin with.

NB. It’s not okay to shorten “archipelago” into “Archi”. It may look and sound “English”, but in fact it’s “Engrish”. I only hope the tourists aren’t laughing behind our back (I’d laugh to if I were them).


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