Nomer cantik

I don’t really know what’s the big deal of those “beatiful cellphone number”. Why would people spend money to them? It’s absurd. Afterall, they’re merely just a string of numbers.

It would make sense, a little, if you pay for numbers that easy to memorized. Or would make up your name on the cellphone keypad. Still, I won’t pay more than the starter kit nominal (plus profit margin for the reseller).

Maybe it is our people nature. They glued to mythical and irrational things. Cinemas are filled with ghost movies, paranormals never run out of customers , there’s magazine specialized on psychic stuff, etcetera, etcetera, etcera. Human by nature is an emotional being, instead of rational creature.

What a pity.

PS. Beneran gak sih “beautiful number” itu ekivalennya “nomer cantik” ?


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