How to hack Friendster account and crack passwords

It’s easy, just go to the nearest bookstore and look at computer section . You’ll find stacks of “hacking” books, along with “blogging tips” books, “blogs monetizing” books, “super secret technique of using Google” books, and other useless yet expensive computer books.

That’s what I found when I visited Gramedia yesterday to search for a Linux guidebook. I only found about eight titles on Linux subject, they were “well hidden” and unfortunately quite outdated (Fedora Core 5, anyone?). It’s very contrast compared to MS Windows and MS Office subsection. There’s huge amount of them. While the number of books on blogging and hacking subjects aren’t really on par with Windows and Office books, there’s still a significant amount of them.

It makes me wonder, really. Do you really want to pay IDR 40,000 on a book that only 60-page thick, as small as pocket notebook, with fonts as large as the moon (= less writing, more pages), just to find out how to set up a Friendster account ? Or do you want to buy a book that teach you how to instantly be a hacker cracker wannabe (Gosh, I never know that it was so easy to became an expert in hacking cracking)? Apparently, that’s exactly what people were looking for.

It’s sad. I’m not jinxing, but the best thing those “hacking” books will do to you is turning you into Roy Suryo clone (wait, that’s the worst). You’ll think you were 1337, but in reality you’re only a n00b that knows a little, or nothing at all.

Oh, and my loot from Gramedia? In the end, I ended up buying a copy of OpenOffice tutorial book. And mangas. Lots of mangas.


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