Forwarded message

A little while ago, an old friend send me a text message. He was forwarding this following text

Kalau kamu Islam, jangan tulis mosque tapi masjid karena organisasi islam menemukan bahwa mosque = mosquito = nyamuk, tulis muhammad jangan mohd = anjing, tulis assalamualaikum jangan ass = pantat, tulis Mekkah jangan mecca = rumah bir. Sebarkan ini ke rekan-rekan muslim.

First of all, this is crap. Utter hoax. Which Islam organization would give this statement, aside of fictional organization? The fact is so wrong it will make you look stupid if you try to publicize it.

The word mosque is derived from Italian and Spanish mosquee which in turn is derived from Arabian masjid. Mosquito is derived from Latin musca, mhich means “fly”. Closely related, huh ? Baca lebih lanjut


Nomer cantik

I don’t really know what’s the big deal of those “beatiful cellphone number”. Why would people spend money to them? It’s absurd. Afterall, they’re merely just a string of numbers. Baca lebih lanjut